Use Your Own Materials – No Expensive Proprietary Inks

The ability to print with your own materials instead of propriety inks opens the doors to unlimited possibilities, while dramatically reducing printing costs.

Aether 1 was built from the start to print with any material you would like, so you never need to use any expensive and restrictive proprietary inks.

When other 3D printing companies force you to use their proprietary inks it’s not just costing you more money, it also restricts innovation in this critical new field.

Once you purchase an Aether 1 you never need to buy any special inks from Aether to use it.  Virtually any viscous material you have around the house, kitchen, lab, office, or pretty much anywhere else can be used as your ink.  You can even use an unprecedented 10 materials at once.

Aether’s Automatic Air Pressure Calibration delivers high-performance print quality with virtually any material.  Aether 1 performs better with any random material you give it than many other printers perform with their own proprietary inks.

The ongoing printing costs from 3D printer companies that force you to use their expensive proprietary inks can be enormous.  They often charge well over $100 for a single ink cartridge. This can easily get into the thousands of dollars pear year or even per month.

Compared to them, Aether 1’s ongoing printing costs can be practically nonexistent.

Aether 1 allows you to be truly free to experiment and create in an astounding amount of new ways.