Modular Universal Tool Mounts

Part of what makes Aether 1 the ultimate creativity machine is the Modular Universal Tool Mount system.

Aether 1 is already equipped with 10 extruders and a lot of cool features, but Modular Universal Tool Mounts turn it from an amazing 3D printer into a device that allows you to create pretty much anything.

It’s part of what makes Aether 1 the ultimate way to turn imagination into reality.

Modular Universal Tool Mounts allow you to mix syringe sizes so you can use large or small syringes, or any combination.  Take any tool that can fit in the Universal Mount and mount it directly onto the printhead.

Your only limit is your imagination.

Print with pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and many other art tools.  Print with carving or engraving devices.  Attach a spoon or mixing device to use as part of a food print.  You can do any creative, original, unique thing you can imagine.

Make beautiful first-of-its-kind art, or be a pioneer in a new world of prototyping.

Find unique and original ways to use the incredible versatility Aether 1 gives you.

Aether 1’s Modular Universal Tool Mounts will give you unprecedented freedom to create.