Laser engraving with a 3D printer has never been this easy and high-quality.

Using a laser with Aether 1 requires absolutely zero coding or programming.  Simply attach a small laser to the printhead, and you’re ready to begin.  Use Aether’s 435nm laser attachment, or even use your own small laser.

You don’t need any experience with lasers or any knowledge about them whatsoever to immediately begin making amazing laser engravings with your Aether 1.

(Users must always wear eye protection, as well as learn and follow all other laser safety precautions before using.)

With Aether 1’s 435nm laser, you can cut right through thin materials like balsa wood, and engrave or burn patterns into wood or other materials.  At the push of a button the laser etches beautiful, ultra-precise, patterns onto virtually any type of wood, leather, cardboard, notebook jacket, and many more materials.

Combine laser engraving with other fabrication methods, like CNC, robotic painting, or food printing.

These fabrication methods are combined together for the very first time, so your potential for innovation has never been higher.