High Resolution Motors – 0.4 Nanometer Z Axis

Incredibly high goals have been set for 3D printing.  To reach them, it will require an unprecedented amount of precision.

When you’re printing at the nano or micro scale, you need the finest positional control.

When equipped with optional high-resolution drivers, Aether 1’s standard motors offer greater movement resolution than any other 3D printer, which is more than adequate for the vast majority of 3D printing applications.

However, if you demand the highest precision possibly available, we also offer the option of equipping your Aether 1 with ultra High-Resolution Motors.

These stepper motors can achieve movement resolutions beyond anything that has ever been available until this point.

Our High-Resolution Motors are capable of movement resolution as fine as 10 nanometers in the X and Y axis.  That is unparalleled control.

Even more incredible, Aether 1’s High-Resolution Motors can reach a truly phenomenal resolution of 0.4 nanometers in the Z axis.

That’s an astounding 0.0000004mm.

That’s 10,000-20,000x more detailed than even some of the best 3D printers on the market today.

This much control over movement resolution gives you a stunning amount of precision and opens up an incredible new world of possibility for the very first time.