Electronics Printing

The ability to 3D print electronics will open up a whole new world of possibility, and spark a massive rush of innovation.

With so many extruders and fabrication methods within a single device, Aether 1 outperforms all other electronics printers.

Aether 1 allows you to print electricity conducting materials combined with ceramics, food, play-doh, flexible silicone, ABS/PLA, all standard filaments, and pretty much anything else.

Take advantage of Aether 1’s versatility by making CNC milling, laser engraving, droplet jetting, UV curing, or other fabrication methods a part of your electronics print.

You can even use edible electro-conductive inks to create exotic multi-material food prints, like a chocolate peanut butter cup lit up with LED lights.

It’s incredibly easy to do.

Other electronics printers restrict you to using 1 syringe, 1 filament extruder, and expensive proprietary inks.

To a creative mind, that’s extremely restricting.

Aether 1 has 8 syringes, 2 filament extruders, and you can print with any ink you want.

Aether 1 allows you to print electronic devices with 10 materials instead of 2.

Printing electronics opens up a tremendous new world of possibility for creative minds. It’s potentially useful for medical and military operations, prototyping, scientific research, and a lot more.

Offering one-of-a-kind 3D electronics printing capabilities, Aether is truly not just a way to consume technology…it’s a way for innovators to create technology.