Dual Bowden FFF Extruders

Creativity should have no limits.  Aether 1 gives you all the tools required to turn your creative vision into reality.

The possibilities of what can be created with a full 8 syringe system are phenomenal, but only part of the picture.  A full tool-belt must also include FFF hot-end filament extruders.

Presently FFF is the most popular and common form of 3D printing.  In addition to an 8 syringe extrusion system, Aether 1 also includes not just 1, but 2 Bowden Extruders.

Bowden is a more space-efficient and cutting-edge method of FFF.  Its quality is excellent, and with Aether 1 you can use 2 different filaments simultaneously for 2 color or 2 material printing.

The Dual Bowden Extruders work on their own, or together with any of Aether 1’s diverse fabrication methods.  Any print can include filaments as well as pastes. Filament can also be used to make supports for your syringe-extruded materials.

With so many color and material types available to combine together for the very first time, your creativity can become limitless.