Dual Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Stations

Air pressure based multi-material printing will unlock a whole new world of possibility.

But for the technology to reach its full potential, it has to become easier and more automated.

One significant challenge is the tendency for syringe extruder tips to get clogged or covered in debris during printing.

To overcome this problem, Aether 1 is equipped with Dual Automatic Cleaning Stations to automatically clean and unclog syringe tips throughout the print.

The cleaning station has everything you’ll need, including bristles,  a reservoir for water or disinfectant, and a cotton cleaning and drying element.


The bristles remove debris from extruder tips, and are capable of reaching inside in order to break up and remove internal clogs.

The reservoir can be filled with any liquid, such as water or alcohol.  Extruder tips may then be dipped in the liquid, and then wiped dry on the cotton element.

Automatic Cleaning may also be used in many other situations, such as removing filament debris from hot-end extruders.

The Cleaning Station can automatically scrub your tips clean at any interval in order to to prevent clogs before they happen.

The Automatic Cleaning Station makes 3D printing faster, simpler, and more automated.