Aether 1 was designed to make you feel like anything is possible.

To have unlimited creative freedom, you need all the tools it will take to turn your vision into reality.

An air-pressure powered 3D printer has never had CNC capabilities until now.

Materials like wood and clay can be drilled, carved and engraved, even if you’ve never used a CNC machine before.

It couldn’t be easier.  Simply insert a small hand drill into the Universal Tool Mount, then attach it to the printhead and you’re ready to begin.

Download a free design or make one yourself, then watch a robotic Michelangelo create a beautiful engraved or embossed design.

Aether 1 also offers the unique opportunity to combine CNC with other fabrication methods like laser engraving, ceramic paste extrusion, drawing, painting, and many more.  All in one print from one simple file.

Aether 1 turns your creative ideas into physical creations.