Automatic Air Pressure Calibration

Eliminating the most difficult elements of air pressure based printing will revolutionize the current FFF dominated 3D printing landscape.

This will give more people the ability to utilize a tool that empowers them tremendously.

Automatic Air Pressure Calibration is a complete game-changer for print quality, print speed, what materials can be used, and the amount of manual intervention required.

Air pressure is the preferred method of extrusion for the next generation of 3D printers,  but it has one major challenge…calibrating the pressure.

Calibration is very time-consuming and difficult.  In fact it’s impossible to calibrate with much precision, because it’s approximated by eye.  It’s not just something to be done at the beginning of each new print.  It has to be done regularly throughout the entire print.

This has made creating high-quality prints all but impossible.

This single issue has held 3D printing back in an enormous way…until now.

Aether has now made the most difficult part of air pressure printing push-button simple.

Fill the syringe, place it on the printhead, and Aether 1 does the rest.

Utilizing the latest developments in Machine Vision, Aether 1 is able to deliver extremely accurate calibration, completed in a matter of seconds.

Automatic Air Pressure Calibration will make air pressure printing far easier than ever before, while increasing print quality and automation.

This is a brand new and very powerful method of 3D printing.  Now anyone can start a revolution in innovation.