Anodized Aluminum + Glass Sealed Exterior

The only way to achieve consistent high-quality prints is with a consistent high-quality printing environment.

Accomplishing this requires an enclosed, controllable and repeatable environment.  Yet most 3D Printers are “open air” with no exterior case and no way to create an enclosed printing environment.  This allows wind, creates temperature fluctuations, reduces print quality, and makes creating a sterile environment impossible.

Aether 1 is the only one of its kind in many categories, but its strikingly beautiful, fully-enclosed exterior case is one area where it truly stands alone.

Every inch of the exterior of Aether 1 is anodized aluminum and glass. It has large thick glass windows on the front, sides and top.  When people gather around to watch Aether 1 work its magic, the printing stage is highly visible from almost any angle.

Aether 1’s all-anodized aluminum and glass exterior creates a more stable and controllable printing environment than virtually any 3D printer on the market today.