8 Syringe Extruders

Printing with 1 or 2 extruders is like trying to play a piano with only 1 or 2 keys.  You’re restricted.  You can’t make a masterpiece.

But with 10 keys…you can create a true work of art.

The days of being restricted to printing with a single material and a single color are over.

Aether 1 was built to give even first time 3D printers the freedom to quickly and easily print with up to 10 different colors or 10 different materials, all from one simple 3D file.

Aether 1 offers 8 syringe extruders and 2 FFF Bowden extruders on a single printhead. It has a unique and innovative retraction system to lower only the tool that is being used, while keeping all the others retracted, avoiding any potential collisions with your print.

You can even mix and match multiple fabrication methods within a single print.  CNC, laser engraving, robotic drawing/painting, syringe extrusion, FFF, and more can all be combined into a single print from one simple 3D file.

For the very first time you can create highly detailed and professional quality prints with an astonishing variety of materials.

Foods like chocolate, peanut butter and frosting, any variety of filament, clay and ceramics, bio-materials, play-doh, electricity conducting paste, silicone, and countless other materials can be now be combined with ease.

With a nearly infinite variety of printable materials available, Aether 1 gives you unprecedented creative freedom.