Aether 1 Bioprinter

Across the ages from the ancient to the modern world, human potential has been defined by our tools.
Give an innovative mind a powerful new tool, and there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
Introducing Aether 1 Bioprinter, the most versatile tool ever created.
Aether 1 is a revolutionary new 3D printer that allows you to print with up to 24 materials and mix multiple fabrication methods, as one single print, from one simple file.
There’s never been anything like Aether 1 before. It will revolutionize food printing, electronics printing, art, and prototyping, and will allow you to 3D print in entirely new ways.
Aether 1 is an easy-to-use modular air-pressure based 3D printer which comes with an 8 syringe, 2 hot-end, 10 extruder fabrication system. Aether 1 also includes never-before-seen features like Computer Vision Automatic Air-Pressure Calibration, Computer Vision Automatic X/Y Offset Calibration, Mechanical Automatic Stage-Leveling, Dual Automatic Nozzle-Cleaning Stations.   This opens up entirely new worlds for multi-material and multi-fabrication method 3D printing.
The modular Aether 1 system can be equipped with optional attachments like solenoid microvalves. Print with up to 14 high-precision microvalves, and combine them with 8 syringes and 2 hot-ends for a total of 24 extruders.
3D print with up to 24 different materials at a time, about 10-20x more than virtually anything else on the market.
Print with viscous pastes, gels, ceramics, filament, oils and liquids.  Aether 1 is the first 3D printer to ever offer the ability to print with such a wide range of materials.
Art: Universal tool mounts allow you to print with real art instruments like paintbrushes, markers, pens, or pencils, directly onto a canvas or surface of any kind. Combine up to 8 different art instruments or 8 different colors of a single instrument. Microvalves allow you to jet up to 14 additional inks directly onto your canvas.
Food: 3D print with cold, room temperature, hot, or melted foods.  Even oils and liquids, all together into one work of food art.
Electronics: Print electronic devices with materials like silicone, PLA/ABS, PDMS, silver nanoparticle pastes, liquids, gels, and more.
Combine up to 24 different colors or materials when 3D printing electronic devices, or creating art with inks, paints, or foods.
Other available modular attachments include a laser engraver, small CNC drill, photocrosslinking UV LED, microscope, and anodized aluminum and glass hot syringe extruder for melting foods like chocolate, cheese, or sugar.
Aether 1 gives you the historic new capability of combining any, or all, of these tools and fabrication methods into one simple print.
Invent new electronics technology, create food art unlike anything anyone has ever seen, or watch your digital art turn into a real full-color drawing or painting right before your eyes.
Including optional features
Fabrication System:
10+ Extruders on 1 Printhead
8 Pneumatic Syringe Extruders with Retraction System
2 FFF Hot End Filament Extruders
Heated Glass Syringe Extruder
Solenoid Microvalve Droplet Jets
UV Photo Crosslinking LED
CNC Milling
Laser Engraving
Laser Assisted Bioprinting (LAB)
Universal Tool Mounts – Use Syringes or Tools of Virtually Any Kind
7 inch 480p Touchscreen
Sealed All-Anodized Aluminum and Glass Exterior
Printer Dimensions:
24” x 17 “ x 17” (610mm x 432mm x 432mm)
Max Build Size 12.4” x 9” x 5.2”  (315mm x 229mm x 132mm)
Max Build Volume 580.32” (14,732mm)
Weight 99 pounds
Built for Desktop Use
Maximum Resolution:
Standard Motor Z axis – 43 nanometers (0.000043mm)
Standard Motor X/Y axis – 1 micron (0.001mm)
High Resolution Motor Z axis – 0.4 nanometers (0.0000004mm)
High Resolution Motor X/Y axis – 10 nanometers (0.00001mm)
Resolution may be decreased to increase printing speed
Layer Height – 50 microns (0.05mm)
Combines Multi Material and Multi Fabrication Method Prints into Single 3D File
Simplifies Printing Process
Automatic Air Pressure Calibration – Highly Accurate Machine Vision System
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning and Unclogging
Automatic Stage Leveling
Built for Your Own Materials – No Expensive Proprietary Inks
Interior Multi Color LED Lighting System
Interior UV Blacklight LED Lighting System
Interior Temperature Control
Heated Printing Surface
All-Metal Chain and Sprocket Gantry System
Single or Dual Air Sterility Filtration System
Wi-fi Internet
Mobile App – Monitor and Control Your Print from Anywhere
Attachable UV Microscope – Machine Vision Options